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Module - 1

Introduction (Tell me about yourself)​

M1, V1 – Introduction: Overview (Free Video)
M1, V2 – Introduction: Importance (Free Video)
M1, V3 – Introduction: Content Scope (Free Video)
M1, V4 – Introduction: Benchmarking (Free Video)
M1, V5 – Introduction: Building Content
M1, V6 – Introduction: Conclusion

Module - 2

Why do you want to do MBA? (Sarthak Framework)​

M2, V1 – Why MBA: Overview (Free Video)
M2, V2 – Why MBA: Common Mistakes 
M2, V3 – Why MBA: Benchmarking 
M2, V4 -Why MBA:- ‘Sarthak Framework’

Module - 3

Biggest accomplishment (The Champion Way)

M3, V1 – Achievements: Overview
M3, V2 – Achievements: Benchmarking
M3, V3 – Achievements: ‘The Champion Framework’
M3, V4 – Achievements: Conclusion

Module - 4

Activating your LUCKY charm

X Factor: Activating your lucky charm
X Factor: Activating your lucky charm 2

Module - 5

Other common questions

Questions on Role Model
How to answer Puzzle / Brain teasers
Current Affairs
How to mention about your hobbies
Ques. – What is your weakness
Why this college
What are your strengths V/S Why should we select you
The Secret of ‘You’

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